Michael Lewis

Michael LewisMichael is Professor of Operations and Supply Management and Head of the Information, Decisions and Operations Group at Bath School of Management. Trained as a Manufacturing Engineer, prior to joining Bath in 2004, he was senior lecturer at Warwick Business School and a fellow in the Manufacturing Institute of the University of Cambridge. He has also held visiting appointments in the Technology and Operations Management group of Harvard Business School and the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University. He has worked with a wide range of private and public sector organisations and his expertise covers a broad range of manufacturing and service operations and purchasing/supply management themes. His current work portfolio covers six areas:

  1. How to create and sustain policy for the UK industrial ‘commons’
  2. How to craft operations and supply strategies;
  3. The challenges of functional (constrained) leadership;
  4. How to procure complex performance (inc. PFI/PPP acquisition, outsourcing, offshoring, CLS, etc.);
  5. How to analyze and improve professional service productivity;
  6. How to assess and cope with operational and supply risk (e.g. service failures, vehicle safety recalls, etc.);

In addition to numerous journal articles, he is co-author of Operations Strategy (Third edition, 2010, Financial Times Prentice-Hall) and co-editor of Critical Readings in Operations Management (2003, Routledge) and the Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Operations Management (Blackwell, 2005).

Type: Academic Advisory Council