Nigel Girling CMgr FCMI FRSA

Nigel Girling


35 years in leadership roles including Board level positions in 14 organisations and roles as a CEO and Chairman within the private and public sectors. A passionate champion of the need to inspire, mentor and support people to deliver their best performance and continuously grow. Above all a driver of change in leaders of organisations that don’t yet appear to understand the difference between management and leadership. Author of many books and papers on leadership topics and a CMI Ambassador, National Training Awards Judge and CMI Subject Matter Expert for leadership and engagement.   A leader whose career has been spent at odds with much of the prevailing thinking of the business world – where the spreadsheet is king, the highest- level of qualification is a Masters Degree in Business Administration and where whole corporations are managed by data – and who has always striven to remind leaders that organisations are about people and that the biggest improvement in business performance available to them is to mobilise and energise their workforce to deliver the extra 30% of performance that currently lies dormant or is withheld – and that can be unleashed by an inspiring vision, an engaging leadership style and a supportive, capable yet demanding management team. A credo that says purpose above process, performance above rules and empowerment above control. Still ready to go into battle to give people the opportunity to be proud of their organisation, the work they do and the difference they make.

Key Areas of Expertise

Leadership Mentor, Vision, Strategy, Leadership Behaviours, Employee Engagement, TQM, Excellence, Strategic Culture, Transforming an Organisation, Empowerment.

Nigel's blog is at He is Director of The National Centre for Leadership (part of The Babington Group) – see

Type: Subject Matter Experts