Dr Peter StarbucksDr Starbuck with partners formed their own successful businesses in construction, housing and training.  He has been a director of a public property company and has created a private social housing company, the award winning Telford Housing Company Ltd.  He has been an advisor to No: 10 Downing Street on housing initiatives and is currently working on ‘Affordable Homes’ concepts.

He was a founder director of the Wrekin Housing Trust, which was the largest stock transfer of its day of 13,000 homes, and also a member of Shropshire Area Health Authority, which served a population of 420,000. 

His ongoing interests include management coaching and entrepreneurial activities including venture capital start –ups. He also provides specialist Town and Country Planning development advice.

He has been continually involved in the voluntary sector since 1960 and his current activities are in health related charities. He is an active member of the Management History Research Group, whose aim is to encourage universities to include modules of the history of management in their curriculum to enable the students to have an appreciation of why we manage.

He obtained his PhD for his thesis on the influences of Peter. F. Drucker (1909-2005) Management Guru and is now recognised for his knowledge of Drucker. He is currently actively involved with the recently formed Austrian Drucker Society and will be chairing a session at the first Drucker World Conference to be held in Austria in November 2009. He is active with others in a project to establish a British Drucker Society to complement those that already exist in the Americas, Switzerland, China and Japan.  

Listed below is a selection from his published writings -

  • The Evolution of Peter F Drucker’s  Management History March 2004 Management Ideas from a Research Group European Focus
  • Reclaiming Drucker  European Business Forum  August 2005
  • The Philosopher King of  Professional Manager  December 2005 Management (Drucker)  Chartered Management Institute
  • Starting Out: ethics and the International Journal of August 2009 nature of Peter F. Drucker’s  Management  Concepts Intellectual Journey and Philosophy
  • Contribution on Peter F Drucker  Oxford Handbook of  Late 2009 Management Theory
  • Introduction to Management  Series of Workshops  Ongoing

Type: Subject Matter Experts