Professor Peter Tomkins CCMI CMgr FIC CMC

Professor Peter TomkinsPeter has over 30 years’ experience in the management & marketing consultancy professions.

He has run his own Specialist strategic management/marketing consultancy firm (D.M. Management Consultants Ltd) since 1980, concentrating on the effective development of business strategies and processes, incorporating Interim, Customer Relationship, Direct /Database Brand Marketing, best practices within the E-commerce, Promotional, Distribution and Communications sectors.

Peter has also held numerous Non Executive Director/Chairman roles in various public/private companies, several NHS Acute Trusts/Special Trusts as well as being a Senior Trustee/Officer of several large national/international Charities/Professional Bodies/Trade Bodies. He was President of the European Marketing Confederation, whilst a Senior Trustee of the CIM.

He was President of IMC in 1995/6 and a Trustee within ICMCI for over 5 years, co-opted to its Excom for 2 years to review directional pathways/positional branding.

Peter has a B. Tech [Hons] in Industrial Chemistry and Business Studies from the University of Bradford plus a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Leeds.

Type: IC Advisory Committee