Ron BroatchAfter graduating in accounting, Ron moved into commerce where he gained experience in systems development and treasury management. Thereafter, he enjoyed 8 years in the Motor trade, leading on change management following acquisition. Though his role identified budgeting, cash (debtor) control and management accounting as primary functions, the role expanded into stakeholder management.

Ron completed 2 years in a self employed, project accounting role. In year 1 he worked in the civil service, in a systems development capacity. In year 2, the role changed to a private telecommunications software company where Ron set up the management accounts for their international operations.

Ron has been in academia for 20 years, specialising in change management and financial strategy. He recently led a six figure project concerned with management and leadership in a Scottish local authority. Primarily, Ron reviews and edits learner dissertations and marks papers from HNC through to Masters level.

He has written and edited numerous SQA publications including syllabi and study guides. Additionally, he has authored learner packs and booklets in the areas of: World and International Economics; Strategic Management; Planning, leading and Implementing Change; and Managing Financial Resources. Currently, Ron is writing material and assessments for a new course in Management and Leadership.

Ron has also advised S.M.E.s on asset management utilising his personally developed ‘working capital continuum’, which identifies the importance of stock control coupled with assertive debt management.

Ron’s keen interest remains in change management where he emphasises the importance of the 3 ‘c’s of strategic communication in a change management environment, namely: ‘Consistent Communication Consistently’.

Ron is now semi-retired, though maintains contact with developments through contracts issued by a major international business school and a prominent UK based home learning organisation.

When not working, Ron’s interests include walking his dogs and acting as taxi-driver to his 3 children (and his wife!)

Type: Subject Matter Experts