Steven Still BA (Hons) CMgr MCMI

Steven StillIn 2005, after a short career in the Travel industry straight from leaving college, Steven made the decision to join the British Army, having also served in the Territorial Army since 1999 as a volunteer soldier alongside his civilian career. He completed his initial basic training, then went on to complete trade training to become a Combat Medical Technician in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He was quickly identified as a strong character, with a high level of knowledge and trade skill set, which saw him promoted quickly and ahead of time to Lance Corporal, then again within 3 years to Corporal. In his specific trade he has provided emergency critical care to wounded personnel whilst on operations abroad, as well as primary healthcare in the UK.

Latterly, Steven was the SNCO in joint charge of a small but very kinetic medical treatment facility, charged with the daily management of the facility, healthcare management of the at-risk population, management, mentorship and welfare-lead for those under him, and as a Trauma Team Leader of a multinational team of medical professionals, dealing with catastrophically injured patients on a daily basis. Alongside this, he created a regular training program for the soldiers under his care and for all civilian staff and contractors, often delivering the training personally, ensuring they maintained their clinical skills to the highest standards. During this time he completed a BA (Hons) in Leadership and Management and was also awarded Chartered Manager. Most recently, Steven has been promoted to Sergeant, and has taken up the role of Training Manager for an Army Reserve Medical Evacuation Regiment, conducting Training Needs Analysis, Designing and Implementing training exercises and providing professional military oversight to ensure all unit-led training is relevant, focussed and safe.

Type: Subject Matter Experts