Ann Francke: Now is the Time for Careful Management and Leadership

Inclusive leadership: will Covid-19 alter the momentum?

Friday 29 May 2020 was the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, and the perfect moment to ask two well-known leaders about the impact the Covid-19 crisis is having on diversity and inclusion

02 June 2020

Yellow chain against tiled background

Managing supply chain disruption in the wake of COVID-19

The Coronavirus and subsequent lockdown will have long term impacts on our supply chains. Here’s how to manage around them

02 June 2020

Multiple users on a Zoom call on a laptop

The New Face-to-Face

How are we recreating valuable human interactions through videoconferencing? How can we make sure we all still feel connected? Sean Williams gives us his response to a stimulating roundtable he attended

02 June 2020

Headshot of Jacqui Murray

To get unheard-of results, you need unseen-before methods

One of the UK’s top innovation gurus, Jacqui Murray, on leadership in a crisis, man-management at a steel works, and how to make giant leaps forward

02 June 2020

Person on a call with a computer and laptop behind her

Team-soothing techniques from the frontline

The Covid-19 crisis has forced change on all of us. We asked CMI members how they’re adapting their style to engage with their teams – and we had some awesome responses

02 June 2020

Ann Francke: Now is the Time for Careful Management and Leadership

Managing at the frontline: inside the food industry

Food companies have been running flat-out during the Covid-19 pandemic. We got a vivid insight into managing key workers, communities and communication from two of the most senior leaders in the industry

26 May 2020

Home-office set-up of a laptop, coffee, and sleeping cat

“Don't force us back into the office!”

A new study suggests that the current on-site working practices are a thing of the past, but that there are some crucial interventions required to maintain remote working productivity

26 May 2020

Person making a video call on a laptop

How not to let furloughed team members feel left behind

Schedule meeting time with them – and don’t cut it short. Have regular check-ins – they don’t need to be one-to-one

22 May 2020

A monitor with a cracked screen on the floor

The five main causes of conflict in distributed teams – and how to manage them

These situations are going to happen more often, says the futurist Gihan Pererra. So, it’s vital you know how to deal with them

22 May 2020

Portrait of Jo Watson

"Those letters prove I’m not afraid of hard work"

CMgrs make their presence felt in all sorts of places. Here’s a surprising story from the entrepreneurial frontline...

22 May 2020