The Gloomiest Outlook Since 2012.

The Future Forecast for 2016.

British managers have the gloomiest outlook for their organisations and the economy since 2012, according to the findings of Future Forecast 2015, CMI’s annual look-ahead survey.

CMI surveyed 1,089 managers in November 2015. Read on and watch to:

  • Find out what’s fuelling managers’ concerns about what 2016 holds in store for the economy and their employers
  • Gain insight into what their personal and organisational priorities will be in the next 12 months
  • Learn what their top five fixes are for boosting productivity in 2016
Managers can’t work effectively with their hands tied behind their backs… Employers must make it their New Year’s resolution to provide them with the skills and autonomy to succeed.

Get the lowdown on why managers are feeling pessimistic about 2016, and what they’re hoping for to make it a happier, more productive year.

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Future Forecast Infographic
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Video: 60-Second Round-Up

CMI’s head of research Patrick Woodman runs through the essential findings of the research and what employers need to know about what their managers are thinking and feeling as we step into 2016.

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Business managers pessimistic on prospects for year ahead.

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