UK Managers Pessimistic About UK Economic Outlook - But Remain Positive About Own Business

The Future Forecast for 2017

UK managers have a mixed outlook for the year ahead - pessimistic about the economy but optimistic about the prospects for their own organisations.

CMI surveyed 1,180 managers in November-December 2016, read on to find out:

  • What impact they think Brexit and Trump will have on their organisations and the economy
  • The challenges and opportunities the shifting political landscape will create
  • What their priorities are for 2017
Although it’s clear that there are significant challenges posed by the UK’s decision to Brexit, as a country we need to move forward and harness pragmatic positivity. UK business will play a vital role in making this a success. In 2017 we have an opportunity to stand together and tackle longstanding issues like the productivity gap, currently 21% lower than other G7 countries.

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Business managers pessimistic on prospects for year ahead.

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