Practice Membership

Practice Membership.

Enhancing people and organisational performance.

Practice membership is open to any organisation offering consulting or advisory services externally or internally.

Practice Members share a commitment to enhancing organisational and people performance through cross-industry debate, support and learning which IC membership - at both an individual and practice level - provides.

Practice Membership is an excellent way of:
  • Demonstrating to your clients and/or your employees your organisation’s professionalism, and commitment to best practice
  • Supporting the professional development and competence of your consulting staff
  • Enhancing your profile in a competitive marketplace
  • Keeping up to date with the latest research and developments within consultancy.

There are two grades of membership for consulting organisations

Recognised Practice

Recognised Practices enjoy all the benefits of membership.

They commit to having their consultants as individual members of the Institute and the practice ensures they work to the Institute's Code of Professional Conduct and Practice.


Premier Practice

In addition to all the membership benefits. Premier Practices are recognised by the Institute as demonstrating the highest of standards in professional consultancy.

As well as having their individual consultants in Institute membership, Premier Practices also ensure a proportion of those consultants, agreed with us, have achieved the Institute’s award of Certified Management Consultant (CMC).


Find out more about how to become a Recognised or Premier Practice.