IC Advisory Committee.

Role and Person Specification


  • Serve IC in a strategic capacity as a member of its strategy setting committee
  • Contribute to the development and achievement of the Institute's strategic objectives
  • Contribute specialist skills and expert knowledge in management consultancy and business advice
  • Contribute market intelligence within the profession of consultancy and business advice, whether as a sole practitioner or member of a small, medium or large practice.

Person Specification

  • A current IC member and/or employed within an IC Practice
  • Understanding of the role and willingness to make a full commitment as an honorary officer of the Institute at national level
  • Active engagement in a management consultancy/business advisory role (and for Practice members, employment in a consultancy practice, whether small, medium or large)
  • Articulate, knowledgeable and able to discuss and put forward recommendations for the good of the Institute as a whole
  • Able to contribute to the strategic objectives of the Institute by bringing to bear existing expertise and current knowledge
  • Able to act as a ‘Champion' for the Institute both internally within the membership and externally to key stakeholders
  • Able to demonstrate a full commitment to the task of serving as an advisory committee member

Level of commitment

  • Attendance at 4 (London based) meetings each year plus one committee wide joint strategy event
  • Availability to engage fully and promptly in communications and discussions between meetings - via telephone and email
  • A possible additional commitment to serve as an IC representative on another CMI Board Committee (4 meetings per year)

The term of office is 2 years, renewable for two further 2 year terms, up to a maximum of six years - ie 3 x 2 year terms.

Criteria will be in place for members to be obliged to step down from office, on the basis that they have failed to attend a sufficient number of meetings or otherwise failed to fulfil the obligations required of them.

Meetings are held in January, April, June and October, with the next meeting scheduled for 30 October at 1.30 pm.