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Chartered Management Consultant - Progress being made towards formal approval

We have kept you up to date on our lengthy quest to gain approval to award ‘Chartered Management Consultant'. Just to recap, our formal submission was made to the Privy Council Office back in November 2015. We were aware that a vital element in the approval process was to gain support from relevant Government departments; in our case this is the Department for Business (BIS) and the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the latter because of their heavy use of consultants and their strong support for consultancy qualifications, including CMC.

Early in 2016 we became aware that the principal challenge lay in gaining BIS support. We were caught up in a wider debate on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications within the EU and associated work within BIS on a new Code for Chartered Bodies, to address issues including open access and transparency. Our response to this has been to stress that any consultant can seek to achieve ChMC, whether they are in the UK or outside the UK, as long as they achieve the required standard. We also came up against wider BIS challenges in the run up to the EU referendum; crisis in the steel industry and, post-referendum, the Cabinet reshuffle and restructuring across Government departments.

Having maintained contacts with BIS advisers, we are now more confident that the various sticking points are closer to resolution. We remain in close contact with Privy Council advisers and anticipate a status update in September.

In the meantime, the ChMC Steering Board, led by Martin Cook CCMI, CMI Board Trustee, is focusing on proposition development and stakeholder engagement. Steering Board members include medium and large firm representatives, and a specific task underway is to map a selection of their competency frameworks against existing consultancy qualifications, including those within CMI and IC, and which will help to identify the pathways to ChMC.

We are making connections between ChMC and apprenticeship development. Over the longer term there is potential, for example, to mirror success within CMI in achieving approval for Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

Taking this work forward requires strong collaborative working with MCA, the Management Consultancies Association, our key partner throughout this project; as well as commitment and support from the volunteer network within the IC, and specialist expertise from our internal teams particularly on qualifications mapping.

From an IC perspective, we are aware of the need to establish a strong brand identity for Consultants within the CMI. We are taking to heart member feedback on the imperative to review the consultancy membership proposition and this work will go hand in hand with the ChMC project.

Challenges remain: we are not over the final hurdles in Privy Council approval; we require a revised business case demonstrating in particular that the ChMC can gain traction with the large firms; we need to be mindful of the lessons learnt from CMC and Chartered Manager, in terms of a slow build in numbers gaining those awards.

We will keep you updated on further developments.

Any questions, please contact Elaine McLean

Ongoing IC member development

IC Website

We are delighted to announce that work is currently being undertaken to integrate the IC website within CMI web environment, which will enable us to constantly refresh and update content for our IC members. We will be migrating the existing areas of the IC website across to the new platform which will retain IC's brand, but provide a refreshed look and feel as well as an enhanced member experience.

Consultancy Thought Leadership

We are working with our Insight and Research team to provide consultancy themed thought leadership which will provide leading insight into the world of consultancy. This is an ongoing project which may involve our IC membership more details will be provided in future newsletters.

IC Event: Engage or Die... The real perils of an unengaged workforce

Thursday 15th September 2016

We have been working with our IC Champions in the regions to develop consultancy focused events and are pleased to announce our West Midlands Regional Board will be hosting the 'Engage or die ... the real perils of an unengaged workforce' event.

Join Nigel Girling, Director of The National Centre for Strategic Leadership, Babington Group as he explores:

  • Why engagement is a competitive survival issue
  • How leaders can engage their colleagues
  • How engaging leadership skills can be developed and enhanced

International Matters

The annual meeting of the European members of ICMCI took place in Bonn, Germany, last month. Our UK representatives, Simon Bowen, CMI Director of Member Engagement, Jeremy Webster, member of ICMCI Board, and Simon Haslam, UK ICMCI Academic Fellow met with colleagues from around Europe to discuss new initiatives and to contribute to the design of new products and services.

More International events will be coming up starting in October with the final plenary meeting of the ISO 20700 project in Beijing and the ICMCI Annual conference in Toronto, at which the Constantinus International 2016 consultancy awards will be presented. The IC are delighted to have submitted an entry from one of our members to the awards and await the judge's decision. Previous IC winners include Silver medal winners, The Beech Consultancy.

Updates on these events will be in the next issue of the newsletter.

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