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An update on all things IC | April 2017.

Dear Member,

Welcome to the latest edition of the IC newsletter, bringing you the latest updates and news on all things consultancy.

I am delighted to officially announce the launch of the refreshed IC website which can be accessed via the usual address at www.iconsulting.org.uk. We hope that you find the renewed look and feel much more engaging. Listed within the newsletter below are details on how you as an IC Member can contribute content/ articles to be published on the site.

We thank you for your continued support for the IC and welcome any feedback you may have, please contact us via membership@iconsulting.org.uk.

Kind regards,

Ian Watson FCMI FIC
Chair, Institute of Consulting Advisory Committee


We are excited about the refreshed IC website, which enables you to navigate and find access information far more easily. However we would like our members to help us drive engagement in the website, through submission of editorials/ articles.

We’d welcome editorials on consultancy news, initiatives and examples of consultancy best practice. The editorial should be no more than 500 words in length, which we will review and publish on the website via future editions of this newsletter.

Please email us at editorial@iconsulting.org.uk to submit your article or for further information.


Our colleagues at the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and our International Institute colleagues have been very busy on a number of fronts in early 2017, with three items of activity being developed, namely:

  • Asia Pacific Conference on Innovation and Productivity Technologies/ ICMCI Asia Pacific Meeting, 5-6 May 2017, SINGAPORE
  • Constantinus Award 2017 – hot on the heels of IC Members, the Beech Centre scooping the silver award at last year’s ceremony, the ICMCI will shortly be launching the application process for the 2017 award, which we will communicate to you in due course
  • 2017 ICMCI Congress, Astana, Kazakhstan, 4-7 September 2017 – further information.


As IC members know from previous newsletter updates, we have had a significant delay in securing Privy Council approval for ‘Chartered Management Consultant’ (ChMC).

To recap, the formal submission was made to the Privy Council Office in November 2015 by CMI, the IC and the Management Consultancies Association (MCA). The officials in the Privy Council Office referred our case to two key ‘sponsoring’ Government Departments, namely BIS (Department for Business) and the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Our case before BIS happened to coincide with many developments on the EU front, but we managed to secure a letter of support from the Secretary of State in June 2016. That left us with MoD support as the final step.

After many months of effort, we understand that the necessary groundwork is in place within the various MoD channels. We are in contact with the key individuals who will be considering our case and, indeed, the joint CMI/IC/MCA Steering Group has recently submitted a summarised business case document to the Ministry, anticipating that this will be given early consideration. We may therefore hear an outcome in the next couple of months.

Despite these delays, progress has been made in a number of areas, in particular discussions within the CMI and MCA Boards on the business model for execution of ChMC, as well as informal conversations with individual firm representatives.

The currently held consensus is to:

  1. Retain a separate ‘home’ for professionals holding ChMC status;
  2. adopt a partnership approach to delivery and execution, led by MCA and a cohort of Consultancy firms, thereby giving the profession responsibility to determine the shape and scope of ChMC and how it is taken forward;
  3. recruit an experienced project manager conversant with the consultancy industry and who could therefore lead on execution, supported by some form of oversight board.

Engagement of the wider consultancy community is an imperative, ie encompassing small and medium-sized firms, consultants and firms outside CMI, IC and MCA membership, and specialist consultants within other professions.

The Steering Group is also mindful that the external environment and climate has shifted somewhat since ChMC was initially scoped back in 2015. ChMC has to be relevant to, and reflect, this changing landscape. MCA planning for 2018-2020, for example, is looking at the concept of ‘disruption’, new models and enhanced digital technologies. Training methods are also more sophisticated, embracing digital developments. The longer term vision for ChMC has to be one that is fit for purpose 8 to 10 years hence. So this is what we are now working on.


IMC past presidents reunion (Institute of Consulting)

Sometimes the figurehead for a public organisation is chosen from among the good and the great; they appear, they serve for a year and then pass on. Not so the figurehead for our Institute – the President, or more latterly the Chair – as for the most part they have been elected from among members who have already given long service, on committees, organising events and in many other ways. The period as figurehead is of course intense – chairing various committees and conferences, visiting and speaking at regional meetings, and being the internal and public face of the Institute. The time and effort involved demonstrates a strong interest and commitment to the Institute and the profession.

But what happens to these figureheads after this marathon period of office? Some continue to serve in different roles; in our Institute, this has notably been in supporting our international body – ICMCI – in which a number of past Presidents (myself included) have acted as Trustees. Others simply breathe a sigh of relief and return to do their day jobs!

But disengagement with governance does not mean a complete loss of interest. And so it was that in 2008 I suggested that we might have a reunion dinner for past IMC past Presidents. (Although the Institute has recently gone through a number of name changes and the President was renamed Chair on merger with the Chartered Management Institute on the merger in 2004 to avoid confusion with the CMI President, we continue to give it this title as for most of the life of the Institute, this is what the figurehead has been called).

Fifteen past Presidents attended this reunion dinner, with apologies from 5 others; the most senior past President there was Anthony Howitt, who had held office in 1968 – 69. It was held at the RAF Club in Piccadilly, with the sponsorship of past President Richard Popple. Lynda Purser, then director of the Institute also attended, giving us an update on how the Institute was faring.

The event was a great success and there was positive support for repeating it; since then we have done so on an annual basis, the most recent occasion being in March, again at the RAF Club which has been our regular venue.

Since that first dinner we have reconnected with other past Presidents of the Institute; and sadly have lost a couple – Anthony Howitt and Holman Hunt (President 1974 – 75).

I now have 24 past Presidents and Chairs on my list and we usually get some 15 – 16 to each of our dinners. The current Chair and CMI executive looking after IC affairs are also invited, and give a short update on what is happening in the Institute; we all still have an interest in its affairs.

There is an IMC Presidential badge, and we have developed the custom of the most senior past President wearing it during the course of the dinner. In the picture you can see Dennis Tindley (President 1988 – 89) wearing the badge at our recent dinner, seated with Adrian Williams (President 1992 – 93) and George Lapsley (President 1993 – 94).

Next year’s dinner is already booked; we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of holding them, and will look forward to further dinners for many years to come.

Calvert Markham – President 2004


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