4th CMC International Conference

Dear CMC-Global Family,
Dear Constantinus Award Applicants and Winners,

An update on the outcomes of the award ceremony held during our 4th CMC International Conference in Toronto – Canada.

The Award Ceremony was impressive with an unprecedented number of applications totaling 17 projects coming from 7 different countries, where winners (consultants and clients) were decorated with their certificates of achievement. The whole ambiance was of true pride.

CMC-Canada managed the event faultlessly and were proud of their reflection of their true hospitality. ICMCI was proud to have taken this award to the international level, as Sorin Caian, chair of ICMCI stressed this with saying “ The Constantinus International Award is becoming more and more an ICMCI Award, reputable and meanwhile desirable for our members as well for the management consulting community”.

Most importantly, the consultants and the clients were proud that the results and benefits of successful consulting assignments are proven to clients and to the economic environment, this was demonstrated by the participating consultants and clients showcasing their achievements. This prompted our chair to emphasize that “once again we are demonstrating the value and the need for our global CMC family!”.

The Constantinus International Award Office provides you with links to the introduction, the wall of fame that includes all winners and national champions, as well as the press release.

The Award office also proudly presents the picture gallery of the ceremony in Toronto that can be found either on the ICMCI (CMC-Global) website here, or at the Award website. Also a dropbox link is available with all pictures of the nominees here.

We at ICMCI and the Award Office are thankful for all the support extended from our Members and our community of CMCs in increasing awareness of our award in order to increase the number of participatns in the coming years, to create a true rewarding environment for enhancing our deliverables according to our set of standards, and assisting us all in meeting our vision of: ICMCI to be the leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success.

Kind Regards,
Reema Nasser
Executive Director