ICMCI holds its annual meeting in Toronto, Canada

IC members, Jeremy Webster (ICMCI Board member) and Nick Warn (IC Delegate to ICMCI), attended the annual meeting and consultancy conference, hosted by CMC-Canada in early October.

Representatives of Institutes of Consulting around the world attended this event. The principal feedback is that, with its updated governance arrangements and clarity of role of the ICMCI Board, a much more positive and proactive stance is now being taken on issues relating to both the global profession and the institutions themselves.

Delegates considered and voted through a variety of Resolutions including the Treasurer’s Report, which talked about member institute revenue being slightly higher than budgeted, but ad-hoc revenues being significantly lower; the budget report and future business plan.

Minutes of the annual meeting are available here.

Strategic framework

Sorin Caian, Chair of ICMCI, spoke about the increasingly effective communication with IMCs and, in particular, the ‘Collaborative Approach’ initiative. This aims to strengthen the proactive partnership between IMCs, increasing engagement of IMCs in projects and activities undertaken by ICMCI, how ICMCI initiatives can be taken advantage of by IMCs, and achieve clarity on how ICMCI can support IMCs and their members.

See the full report here.

Looking at ICMCI strategy, the actual presentation given at the Toronto meeting is available to view here.

2017 events

The 2017 annual meeting and international conference will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan from 4 – 7 September. The 2017 EuroHub meeting will be held in Dublin, Ireland, at a date in May yet to be agreed. IC will be ensuring active representation at all of these events.

Member best practice presentations

A further feature of the meeting was member institute presentations covering best practice and success stories. These are available via the link below. These are helping IMCs to learn from each other and gain a wider perspective on issues being faced: View presentation.

ISO 20700 – global standard for management consulting

This standard is now approved in final form and will be issued for a global vote during the first quarter of 2017. This will reflect on the ICMCI network as follows: (a) its Professional Standards Committee will develop a toolbox to promote the standard through IMCs to actual beneficiaries (ie management consultants, clients, and the market in general); (b) the toolbox will include guidelines for equivalence to the standard, promotional material including press releases to be used by the IMCs as well as ICMCI and (c) the standard will also be applied in relation to future CMC assessments.

UN links forged for ICMCI

Nitin Kumar has been appointed as UN representative for ICMCI. ICMCI has an important linking role with the UN and other NGOs at a global level. Nitin’s background and existing connections with the UN will greatly enhance ICMCI presence and influence.

Other news

  • Secretariat services for ICMCI are moving in-house, rather than be outsourced as previously
  • ICMCI has a new website – www.cmc-global.org. The calendar on the website can advertise all events, including those of IMCs. Summary minutes of all ICMCI Board meetings will also be issued on the website along with annual reports. The site also allows for each IMC to have a microsite, where it can promote its own activities and share news and views. The IC will ensure it provides content for the ICMCI website.
  • Dr Simon Haslam. Member of the IC Advisory Committee has been appointed as Chair of the influential ICMCI Academic Fellows Panel and will take up this role at the end of January 2017.