Why IC consultant


Trust, Confidence and Added Value.

By using an IC member you can be confident that they have demonstrated minimum standards, a commitment to ethical practice and to adding value to a clients business.

Purchasing Consultancy

Many businesses encounter individuals and firms that either do not or are actually incapable of delivering on promises set out at the tendering stage. There are several reasons why this might be the case; lack of manpower, poor internal management, lack of skills and knowledge or inexperience.

By using an IC member buyers are able to mitigate the risks attached with purchasing, particularly if the client very rarely or has never purchased professional services before.

Our resources and processes ensure that by using Institute of Consulting members buyers can:

  • Buy in confidence by taking advantage of the resources made available to those buying consultancy services
  • Have trust in their selected consultant, knowing that they adhere to the Institute of Consulting's Professional Code of Practice
  • Have the backing and support of the Institute of Consulting should problems with our members arise

To assist prospective clients source and procure consultants the Institute of Consulting has developed a 'Buying consultancy services' guide that offers guidance on a number of important process steps.

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