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To sign in to this website all you need is your Google account or an email address where we can send you a link. Just use the "Sign in" buttons below. On sign in, this website matches your email address with your CMI account, and you can edit your profile and access other CMI services and websites based on your membership level automatically.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find our frequently asked questions for logging in and accessing CMI resources. Having problems accessing your account? Please get in touch with the team.

Passwordless sign in is a natural side effect of Single Sign On. The idea behind Single Sign On is to have one id and password that gets you into multiple systems. Since you already have one id and password for your email account/Google account, we can leverage this to provide passwordless sign in to our website.

We will introduce other sign in options in the future, but in the meantime please "Sign in with email".

We recommend that you use one of the following modern browser's when accessing and logging into the site to use our services to ensure you have a good user experience.

Google Chrome

Apple Safari

Microsoft Edge


The sign in with Google process will only ask you to share your email address and profile picture.

You can still sign in directly to other CMI services/websites using your existing login details, but we recommend that you update your email address to your current email address using our My Profile microsite.

You can access other CMI services/websites directly by entering your email address and password associated with your CMI account, however in some cases it is easier to sign in to this website first, so you don't have to enter passwords to the other sites.

No. The website will "remember me" on the current device/browser. If you are using a different device or browser the website will need to send another email verification link. There is the option to switch "remember me" off if you stop using a particular device/browser, or if you share that device/browser with others.