Future Leadership In The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Learn how you can encompass trust to successfully lead through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

About this event

We are coming out of the third Industrial Revolution and entering the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Much of what was relevant in leadership and management is no longer applicable to upcoming generations. Leadership today is seen to be a social phenomenon, meaning it is not about management, however both factors are important for success.

During this event Dr Alan Miller CMgr FCMI (CMI Hong Kong) discussed the fourth industrial revolution, what it is and how future leadership may be impacted with Dr Paulina Chan CMgr CCMI (CMI Hong Kong), Tristan Tsoi (Imperial College London) and Jack Lee (Hong Kong Monetary Authority).

Together they looked at the various factors shaping the future workforce and discussed the culture that leadership must create in order to compete. Organisations or people who cannot evolve will not last, it is down to them to learn the necessary skills to reach their full potential.

You can view the event now.