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10 mindfulness tips for making you better at business

Mindfulness won’t clear your inbox, shorten your meeting agenda or cancel that difficult conversation – but it can make the present moment a great deal more productive, says a publishing exec

Office Zen

Three ways to use mindfulness to switch off over the festive season

Relaxing over the holiday period is essential to return refreshed and rejuvenated in the new year


Case study: Change management and mindfulness the council way

As part of its 2016 Quality of Working Life research, CMI spoke to Sunderland City Council deputy director of human resources and organizational development John Rawling to find out how health and wellbeing programmes helped the council deal with a halving of its workforce


What is mindfulness and what can it do for you?

A word that simply means awareness. It’s direct, intuitive knowing of what you are doing while you are doing it. It’s knowing what’s going on inside your mind and body, and what’s going on in the outside world as well

Growing Lightbulb

The Power of Positive Thinking – February’s London Peer Learning Group Event Update

Positive thinking is a very old notion, albeit presented in new packaging today. It is not a single characteristic, but more, an attitude and one that cannot be developed overnight.

Bee and Flowers

CMI Scotland Annual Conference

Read more about our fifth annual conference that took place on Wednesday 24 October.


Have Courage and Be Kind - Exploring Leading with Kindness

Reflecting on the complexity and oft ambiguity in our national and global society and business, it seems logical that there continue to be demands for more responsible leadership.

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Tips on how to manage life as a student

Tips on how to manage life as a student by Kirsty Watson. Focusing on how to efficiently plan the final stages of studying.

Employee Engagement - how is it nurtured through management styles?

There is a sense that employee engagement is something the employee chooses to give to the organisation to a greater or lesser degree – a level of commitment, buy-in to values and citizenship towards colleagues; but like the psychological contract, effort is required on behalf of 2 parties, the organisation and the employee.


This is how Lloyds is tackling mental health in the workplace

To mark World Mental Health Day, we look at Lloyds Banking Group’s leadership resilience programme, which aims to boost positive wellbeing among managers and staff