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Doing Well and Doing Good

Gender-diverse executive teams are 25% more likely to have above-average profitability. With greater racial and ethnic diversity, companies outperform others by 36%. CMI’s 75th anniversary report, The Everyone Economy, made the argument for equity, diversity and inclusion; now we tell the stories.

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Case Study What is code switching, and why is it so damaging?

People often feel they need to put on a persona to “fit” into the workplace culture. Code switching damages both individuals and organisations

Case Study The source of some of Tesco’s best ideas? Its colleague networks

The retailer taps into colleague networks to unleash an award-winning ad campaign and sector-first skin-tone plasters

Case Study Meet the Spanish hotel group that sets new standards of diversity and inclusion

With 38% of its workforce being people with disabilities, Ilunion is a pioneer of diversity and inclusion

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