The Age of Apprenticeships.

The growing recommendation of parents.

Ambitious parents encourage students to take a closer look at degree apprenticeships.

Degree apprenticeships, which combine a university degree with paid on-the-job experience, combat parents’ concerns about their children being equipped for the world of work straight out of university.

CMI’s survey of over 1,000 parents reveals that 71% believe that degree apprenticeships provide a better chance of getting a job than a traditional university degree. With over half (54%) stating they are the best value for money for young people starting their studies in 2018.

Degree apprenticeships are changing how apprenticeships and vocational education are perceived. They are transforming young people’s lives and providing great opportunities for school leavers to gain a management qualification and professional accreditation.

With more than 10,000 workers currently enrolled on CMI management apprenticeships in the UK, discover why they chose to fast-track their career.

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Why Train Apprentices?


of apprentices stay with the same employer.


of employers said apprenticeships improved quality and services.


is how much an average apprentice increases productivity per week

Meet the Management Apprentice

Earn-while-you-learn degree apprenticeships unlock a variety of professional development opportunities, providing transferable skills valued and recognised by employers. Watch Olivia's story to find out how she is benefiting from the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

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