Our Vision, Mission and Values

At the heart of everything we do at CMI is our mission, vision and values.

As a chartered body, these ensure we fulfill the aims set out in our Royal Charter. But equally important, they focus us on the activities which will deliver real impact.


Our Vision and Mission

CMI Vision

Better led and managed organisations

CMI Mission

Increase the number and standard of professionally qualified managers

CMI Values

CMI aims to be a dynamic social enterprise that’s both well-managed and true to our values.

Our values mean that even if you’ve never worked with us before, you’ll know what to expect.

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To be authoritative and credible we have to be judged by the highest standards. In all things we say and do we are accountable and ethical, always adhering to our code of conduct and practice.

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We are committed to inclusivity and we look forward with an unshakeable belief that everyone can do better. Sometimes this means challenging the status quo and being controversial but always with the desire to create a better future.

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Our energy, enthusiasm and belief in making a positive difference to the skills of managers and leaders means we are always giving our best to deliver value to our stakeholders.

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Our knowledge and expertise makes us smart and quick to respond in a way that is grounded in the real world. This enables us to simplify complex issues to promote understanding and best practice.

Our Strategic Objectives

CMI’s key strategic objectives are:

  • Grow partnerships to increase the number of Chartered & qualified managers & leaders
  • Create the right integration of products, propositions and channels for our customers
  • Build the CMI brand as thought leaders in management practice
  • Be the professional home for management & leadership
  • Develop global mindset and presence

For more information on how we are performing against these objectives, please see our latest annual report