How we are Governed

CMI is a registered charity in England and Wales, and holds a separate charity registration in Scotland. Its charitable mission is to promote the art and science of management.

As a charity, CMI brings benefit to managers in terms of their individual competences, and to organisations in relation to their management capability. Our benefit extends UK-wide, as improved standards of management across the board can only be of benefit to the whole country and the public at large.

Formal meeting

Board and Committees

CMI’s Board of Trustees is the governing body of the charity and meets under the chairmanship of the President. It is the Board’s role to determine the overall direction of the charity, and is supported by a structure of advisory committees.

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Casual Meeting

Executive Team

The Executive Leadership Team manages the organisation on a day-to-day basis and is responsible for the delivery of CMI’s Strategic Objectives.

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Annual Reports and AGM Minutes

Our annual report contains detail of CMI’s achievements during the year, including Financial Statements. These reports, along with the minutes of CMI’s Annual General Meeting is available online for all.