Campaigning & Advocacy

One of CMI’s core values is to ensure that everything we do is ‘practical’, and that includes providing our research in the form of practical advice to policymakers about how to improve management and leadership in the UK.

We engage with politicians, civil servants and other policy stakeholders on a regular basis to ensure that the views of UK managers are represented at every level of national policy debates.

Policy Publications

CMI regularly provides policy publications to inform a wide range of stakeholders, whether they be Parliamentary Select Committees, All Party Parliamentary Groups or other business bodies.

Our policy publications are based on research and surveys among our membership, and thereby represent the views of practicing managers across the UK.

See our library of policy publications here.

Consultation Responses

Before changing policy, the Government regularly publishes consultation documents which seek feedback on its suggested approach.

Using the first hand experience of our members and our cutting-edge research, we provide policymakers with evidence-based answers which help them to improve public policy.

See our latest consultation responses here.