Making Hybrid Work for you and your Team

Managers can face challenges when implementing effective hybrid working. CMI partnered with Timewise to conduct research, delving into hybrid working dynamics. The research highlights the crucial role that management skills play in overcoming the obstacles to making hybrid work and the impact of targeted training.

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Management Skills for Hybrid Working

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid working has become widespread. According to a CMI poll, the majority of managers (83%) are in favour of hybrid working. Yet, many organisations have adopted a reactive approach. They have relied on the outdated practices picked up during the pandemic, limiting their productivity in the process.

Given this context, we undertook a project where training workshops were delivered by Timewise to a small community of managers and we evaluated the impact.

The report ‘How Management Skills Make Hybrid Working Work’ explores ways managers can get the best out of their team when working in a hybrid way.

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*Managers Voice poll of 1,006 managers conducted between 18th and 25th May 2023

Key Findings

After completing the targeted training, managers noted significant improvements in their ability to manage hybrid teams. They demonstrate greater confidence in the following key areas.

Comparison of before and after training figures:




Keeping teams


Balancing work & home commitments



Key Recommendations

The report highlights the key skills that managers should demonstrate to make hybrid working effective.


Set expectations and respond to people’s personal needs.


Examine how your management competencies will impact the team.


Develop strategies for positive reinforcement and information sharing.


Address hidden biases to engage all team members.


Make sure you share relevant processes and involve others.


Share key points from relevant meetings with your team.


Create cohesion and build in regular contact.


Proactively create a safe space in virtual meetings.

Designing and using hybrid meetings effectively:

Consider whether a virtual or in-person meeting is appropriate.

Utilise different remote working tools:

Mix different communication methods such as real time chat and virtual meetings.

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