Professional Standard for Management & Leadership Skills

No matter your career level, it can be challenging to know how, or even what to develop next – especially when it comes to management and leadership skills, with so many conflicting sources of information on best practice.

Using our 75 years' worth of research and expertise, and in collaboration with employers on their real-world talent needs, we've done the legwork for you.

What makes a good leader?

Over and above skills or experience, a good manager or leader is defined by their commitment to continual learning and development. Business, the workplace and all their challenges are constantly evolving – and skills and practices evolve along with them.

Mapping out your personal development has never been easier. The Professional Standard not only breaks down the skills and knowledge which characterise a good manager or leader, but also outlines what 'good' looks like for each level in your career.

Every regulated professional has to comply with professional standards. People want quality interactions with capable people – and that extends throughout the workplace.

Ian Muir, CMI Chartered Companion

How can the Professional Standard help?

As the Professional Standard underpins all of the competencies required to become a Chartered Manager, it can help both...



    • Benchmark your management and leadership skills
    • Identify the areas in which development is needed
    • Clearly plan your career path and measure progress


    • Standardise management staff performance reviews
    • Easily spot skills and knowledge teams are missing
    • Set personalised training and development programs