CMI Professional Standards for Management & Leadership

Setting the Professional Standard for Better Managers


Define your career pathway in management and leadership by benchmarking your current skills against the CMI Professional Standards.

Developed in consultation with managers and leaders from across sectors and based on our own extensive research, the Standards define the key areas for professional managers at every stage of their career.

The Professional Standard sets out best practice in management and leadership and underpins all of CMI’s Products and Services, specifically: Qualification, Apprentices, Membership, Chartered and Foundation Chartered Manager plus Continuing Professional Development.

Based around core competencies

Identify your management skills against our Professional Standard core competencies.

Every regulated professional has to comply with professional standards. People want quality interactions with capable people. And that extends throughout the workplace. Everyone can benefit from the CMI’s professional standards. They enable benchmarking,

Ian Muir - Chartered Companion

The Standards are designed to...

Benefit you

Help your career to grow

  • Benchmark your skills
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Define capabilities
  • Measure performance
  • Plan training progression route

Benefit your organisation

Enable your organisation to be a better employer

  • Standardise your performance reviews
  • Set employee objectives
  • Identify skills gaps in your teams
  • Plan training needs
  • Assist in recruiting the best talent

Underpins the core competencies of being a Chartered Manager (CMgr)

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81% say that since becoming Chartered, they have used their managerial skills to lead people and manage change

95% say that Chartered Manager demonstrates their use of managerial skills to achieve organisational results

88% say that their confidence has increased