Code of Conduct

The CMI code is a real differentiator.

It sets CMI and its members apart. It is what we stand for, as professional managers buying into and personifying the CMI vision. The Code refers to competence, professionalism, honesty and integrity and the duty to keep up-to-date with current good practice.

The Code is binding on all members. As such, it forms a critical ingredient of our value proposition. It also sends a clear message to organisations that, by employing CMI members or, in fact, applying the Code within the organisation itself, they gain immediate added value.

The Code is reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees on a three yearly cycle.

What if the code is breached?

The Complaints and Investigations Committee (CIC) has a remit to review, promote and raise awareness of the messages within the code, both internally with the CMI and its membership, and also within the wider management and leadership arena. The Committee also leads on investigations against members in terms of a possible breach of the Code.

The CIC is supported by its Investigation Panel: members who are called upon - in accordance with our complaints handling and resolution process - to investigate a formal complaint that may be made against an individual member. CMI membership may be taken away by the Board of Trustees if a complaint, once investigated, shows an actual and significant breach of the Code.

The Code is seen as a CMI USP. It articulates what the Institute, and its members, stand for in terms of professionalism and competence. All members sign up to the code on joining CMI and restate their commitment to uphold the code on an annual basis, as part of membership renewal.

The CIC and its Investigation Panel are CMI and IC members, who have a background in professional practice issues, investigating complaints, and who come from a wide and diverse background in terms of sector and functional specialism. There is a round of recruitment for the CIC and IP in most years. If you are interested in supporting this area of our work, then contact Elaine McLean, Institute Secretary: 01536 207491;

Policy on Prevention of Harassment

CMI is committed to fostering an environment which ensures that everyone is treated with dignity and respect and is afforded equal treatment. CMI takes any complaint of harassment (including sexual harassment) or bullying extremely seriously. Harassment and bullying undermine the core values of CMI and can have a serious and negative effect on the health, confidence, morale and performance of those affected by it.

Prevention of Harassment Policy