Employability Skills Bootcamp

Ensure your learners have the skills they need to be work-ready

CMI’s latest research, Work-Ready Graduates: Building Employability for a Hybrid World, highlights that nearly 80% of employers believe that current graduates do not arrive fully equipped with the skills they need to be work ready.

The Employability Skills Bootcamp focuses on developing the core employability skills, as identified by employers, enabling you to equip your learners with key tools and resources, and an additional digital certificate and digital badge to make them a candidate of choice in the job market.

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    Take a look at this Employability Skills Bootcamp demonstration to find out how you can provide your learners with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

    How the Bootcamp works

    The Employability Skills Bootcamp is a digital learning series that focuses on core employability skills.

    Through self-assessment diagnostics and e-learning modules, learners develop their core skills with tailored resources and tools to support their studies.

    Throughout the programme, learners have the opportunity to retake their self-assessment diagnostic and see just how far they have come. All learners receive a digital certificate and badge from CMI to showcase their achievements to future employers.

    Self-assessment Diagnostic

    Digital Learning

    6 hours to complete

    Digital Badge and certificate on completion

    Personal Effectiveness

    Personal Effectiveness

    Self-management, critical thinking and problem-solving and communication skills

    Interpersonal Excellence

    Interpersonal Excellence

    Interpersonal and leadership skills with collaborative working

    Organisational Performance

    Organisational Performance

    Change management, managing resources, developing business acumen

    Career Management

    Career Management

    CV, cover letter and interview skills

    *These core competencies are all underpinned by
    CMI’s Professional Standard.

    Backed by CMI research

    CMI research was recently carried out with employers into what the key employability skills are, and how graduates need to be able to evidence them.

    In response to this research, CMI has created the Employability Skills Bootcamp for our partners, to ensure that learners across all fields have the ability to leave their studies with not only their subject knowledge but with the key employability skills that we know employers are looking for.

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    Setting the Professional Standard

    The Employability Skills Bootcamp is underpinned by CMI’s Professional Standard, and backed by insights and research conducted. It also incorporates feedback from academics and employers - nearly all of whom agree that there are a core set of skills that graduates need to progress in their careers.

    CMI's Professional Standard

    Tools to make your learners stand out in the job market

    Included with the Employability Bootcamp is 12 months free access to CMI’s Career Development Centre for each of your learners offering digital resources and practical tools to ultimately open doors for your learners to get a better job, including the following:

    CV 360

    scores a CV against more than 50 checks giving instant, detailed feedback to boost the chances of an interview

    Interview 360

    a bespoke interview experience using artificial intelligence providing instant feedback on communications, body language and speech