Gender Equity in the Workplace

Why is Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the workplace important? There is a persistent gender imbalance in the UK. Data shows that women make up just 38% of senior leadership, and face an enduring gender pay gap. Yet CMI’s research found that only 1 in 5 senior managers and leaders actively advocate women for key projects, roles or promotions.

Gender Equality is not enough

Gender equal opportunities are not enough to create a truly inclusive workplace. We need to go beyond providing individuals and groups with the same resources or opportunities and aim for gender equity-based solutions.

Gender equity recognises the intersectionality and diversity of gender. Through it, we can give out exact resources and opportunities based on different circumstances. This enables us to champion women in the workplace by fairly serving their individual and shared experiences. Not everyone starts the same, but they should all be empowered to reach an equal outcome with the right support.

At CMI, we have recognised the importance of equity for inclusive leadership by placing it at the heart of our Professional Standards.

Graphic showing equity versus equality

The Workplace in Review: Gender

We need tangible actions to address the inequity and discrimination that prevent women from participating in the economy. What more can employers and managers do to create a more balanced workplace for all?

The key to inclusive leadership is to learn from lived experiences. In this episode, men and women across sectors share their perspectives on enabling fair and equitable opportunities at work.



report action plans
in place where women are underrepresented in an organisation


report balanced short-lists
are used in recruitment

What is the reality of Gender Equity?

CMI identified a say-do gap across UK workplaces. Whilst organisations may think and say that they are doing the right thing when it comes to inclusivity, the evidence suggests that women still have clear barriers to success in work.

  • Women lack mentoring and sponsorship opportunities
  • Women remain over-represented in insecure and low-paying roles
  • Women face a clear gap in pay compared to men
  • Organisations are complacent about acknowledging the imbalance

Explore our research for practical actions to empower gender equity in your organisation.

The Everyone Economy Report

Learn more about Gender Equity

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