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Our policy, thought leadership and communications work aims to shape the policy debate and public conversation about management and leadership in the UK.

By influencing government, employers, media and other key stakeholders with practical, benefit-driven research, we help to create better led and managed organisations.

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CMI carries out a wide range of research to help managers understand how – and what they can do – to improve performance and productivity. We use this research alongside our knowledge of the political and economic context to make practical policy recommendations that policymakers or business leaders can apply straight away. We promote this work through the media to ensure that managers up and down the country can see our research and are aware of the impact we’re having.


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Our best insight comes from our engagement with the CMI community. Our members come from across all sectors and industries, and all ages - from those taking their first step onto the management ladder, to those who have scaled it right to the top. It is this close relationship which ensures our thought leadership remains practical and passionate.

If you would like to get involved with the work of CMI or the activities of the CMI community there are a number of options.

We regularly hold events and webinars across a number of topics and tailored for the particular stage of career you are at. There are a number of CMI networks you can play an active role in, from our regional networks to CMI Women. If you’ve never considered the benefits a management qualification could have on your career, take a look at our list of CMI qualifications and find one that is suitable for you.

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