Policy Paper:

Spring Budget 2024; CMI Submission

Monday 04 March 2024
Read CMI's 2024 Spring Budget Representation, which highlights growth and productivity, public services and the labour market.
Houses of Parliament

On 6th March 2024, Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt MP will deliver the UK Government's Spring Budget. CMI's representation to HM Treasury covers growth and productivity, public services and the labour market (including skills and supporting employment).

This submission discusses why the UK needs improved management skills to drive growth and productivity. It outlines how skilled management and leadership is critical to delivering effective and productive public services, and examines the strengths of the current apprenticeship levy, highlighting where there is a need for increased flexibility.

We reiterate CMI’s support for the Civil Service People Plan 2024-2027 published in January 2024 that details the need for improved management and leadership training for civil servants.

It outlines our core policy suggestions:

  1. the improvement of public services,
  2. to defend what is working,
  3. to put the right long-term policy processes in place, and,
  4. a call for a systematic review of UK management needs.

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