Policy Paper:

Mission Possible – A plan for a stronger managed UK

Monday 01 July 2024
Read CMI's paper setting out the key areas of challenge for a new government in improving the quality of UK management, alongside policy solutions to ensure a successful national recovery and transformation.
Big Ben and Houses of parliament in London, UK

Government policy choices matter if the UK is to rapidly improve the skills of the managers in businesses, public services and both local and central government. Without stronger managers, productivity growth, public service improvement, better work conditions and the green transition will all be held back. That's why CMI believes that a clear strategy for closing the management gap with other leading industrial nations is imperative – and we stand ready to work with the new government to make it a reality.

To enable management skills in the next Parliament, the new government must:

  1. Protect what's working
  2. Embed management development in critical government strategies
  3. Shift employer and individual behaviour.

This plan, based on two years of policy research undertaken by CMI and a range of partners, is our contribution to help the next government succeed. We look forward to exploring with policy-makers how best to help enable UK success.