The Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation is the highest status you can achieve in the management consulting profession. It provides a professional standard of career excellence for management consultants to aspire towards and clients to benchmark against.

What is the Chartered Management Consultant?

Created and managed by the Management Consultancies Association , (the trade association for UK management consultancy firms) and the Chartered Management Institute (the only Chartered professional body for management and leadership) the Chartered Management Consultant accreditation is relevant to both the individual and profession.

To date over 1,200 consultants have achieved Chartered status with another 2,000 on the journey and more than 50 leading consultancy firms involved. Through Chartered status we are focused on securing greater professional recognition for consultants and ensuring that clients can confidently procure the services of qualified, trusted advisors whose technical excellence is underpinned by a commitment to ethical practice.

Providing a professional guarantee

Management Consultancy is a profession that has a significant impact on all aspects of business and public services. Having a recognised standard of qualifications, knowledge, and experience provides assurance to businesses of being given the best possible advice.

Whether you are an individual or a consultancy firm looking to accredit your training programme, having Chartered status speaks volumes to your clients as a professional guarantee and is proof that you are a trusted expert.

Ways to achieve chartered status
ChMC Programme Accreditation

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The Power of ChMC

Stay ahead of the competition with Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation.

Set yourself apart and demonstrate your credibility to your colleagues and as a trusted advisor to your clients. ChMC ensures the highest standards of professional competence and ethical practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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believe Chartered Status has a positive impact on the reputation of their business.

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say ChMC demonstrates a level of excellence and credibility.

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say ChMC recognises their proven track record in management consulting.

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believe Chartered Status increased their self confidence.

Professional Industry Standards

Chartered Management Consultant status sets a standard of excellence for yourself and your clients

The award sets and maintains the highest level of professionalism, skills and knowledge for the management consulting profession. Central to this is the award's competency framework which sets the standards for both you as an individual consultant and your organisation's training and development programme.

The competency framework’s four main components are ethics and professional standards, leadership and management, the client operating environment, and personal and professional development.

The competencies are described for the three stages of a management consultants progression:

  • Foundation - Understands the role, capabilities and requirements of a management consultant and is starting to apply these to their day-to-day work.
  • Applied - Ability to fully contribute technically and functionally both as an individual and as part of a management consulting team.
  • Chartered - Effectively leads and manages solutions, assignments, work streams, teams and resources.
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