Give your management consultants the edge

Are you a management consultancy firm looking to differentiate yourself and inspire client trust and confidence?

Get your current development programme accredited and offer your management consultants more. Chartered Management Consultant will help you recruit, retain and develop your team.

Provide a benchmark of competence, integrity and credibility

The Chartered Management Consultant Award has been developed for the purposes of setting and maintaining excellent standards in the management consulting profession. Recognising consistent and high levels of professional development and achievement, bench-marked against a competency framework.

Download the infographic to find out how accrediting your development programme against the ChMC framework can have a positive impact for your organisation.

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Organisation icon 1-Demonstrates commitment to management consulting
79% say ChMC provides a recognisable, professional benchmark
Organisation icon - Recognises proven professional track record
91% say ChMC provides professional industry recognition
Organisation icon-Demonstrates level of excellence and credibility to clients
74% say ChMC gives an independent professional endorsement

Why Accreditation is so valuable

Accreditation sets your development programme aside for your team and your clients. By accrediting your programme, you are providing a recognised, professional benchmark that offers more than just training. Hear how accrediting their programmes has impacted organisations.

Meet the accredited firms

ChMC is a win, win, win! Supporting firms in enhancing their employment offering and providing individual consultants with a recognised mark of high quality creating value for everyone in this important sector.

Patrick Dunne, Boardelta

The Steps to Accredit your programme

For your programme to be accredited, it must demonstrate that it covers the expected five years of development of a management consultant at all stages, along with the Chartered competencies.

Your in-house training will be mapped against the competency framework to ensure it is meeting the standards of the ChMC framework.

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Competency Framework

The competency framework underpins all of the routes to ChMC.

How to accredit your programme

What are the steps to accrediting your programme? Take a look at the accreditation guidance.

Get involved

Join the firms that have accredited their programmes and have put their teams on a path to Chartered Management Consultant status and hear what they had to say.

Meet the accredited firms

Cadence Innova
Mott Mcdonald