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Celebrating outstanding contribution to Management & Leadership

President’s Dinner and Awards

CMI sets the standard for great Management & Leadership. One of the best parts of that role is acknowledging and celebrating exemplary skills and achievements for others to aspire to. Our prestigious awards help us to do this and are open for anyone in the CMI community to be recognised for.

Our award winners are announced at our President's Dinner evening in the Autumn.

2023 President's Dinner Highlights

Nominations now open!

Nominations are now open for the 2024 CMI Awards of Excellence. Whether you’re looking to recognise your team or showcase someone who is making a difference, you can start your nomination today.

Partner Awards

Chartered Manager of the Year

This award recognises and celebrates the outstanding achievements and contribution that Chartered Managers bring to both their workplace and to their own personal development as a manager and leader.

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Volunteer of the Year

CMI has a whole host of talented, dedicated volunteers. Our Volunteer of the Year award recognises and extends our gratitude to one incredible individual whose support is truly invaluable to our mission and vision.

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Student of the Year

This award is given to an exceptional learner who has demonstrated a positive impact on their own professional development and academic studies through effective application of the theory they’ve learned.

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Apprentice of the Year

This award acknowledges the outstanding achievements of an apprentice who has successfully applied their learning in the workplace to advance themselves, their organisation and the community around them.

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Training Provider of the Year

This award recognises one of our non-HE provider partners for exceptional positive impact on learner experience, professional development and personal performance as a result of their partnership with CMI.

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Partner Awards

HE Partner of the Year

This is awarded to one of our Higher Education partners for outstanding positive impact on student experience, professional development and employability as a result of their partnership with us.

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CMI International Awards

All around the world, CMI students and our HE partners are changing management for good. The International Awards recognise and celebrate these extraordinary achievements right across the globe.

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International Student of the Year

This award recognises individuals who are already exceptional learners and are destined to make an impact as future leaders.

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International HE Partner of the Year

This award celebrates HE institutions demonstrating positive impact on student experience, professional development and employability.

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CMI Awards of Excellence

These award categories are not open for nominations.

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Gold Medal Award

This award is the prestigious acknowledgement given by CMI for the recognition of outstanding Management and Leadership from an individual at the pinnacle of their career.

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Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognises outstanding Management & Leadership demonstrated by an individual throughout their career, we present this award only when a truly worthy candidate is identified.

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Chartered Management Consultant of the Year

This is awarded to a Chartered consultant who has shown they have the talent, skills and experience that quality management consultants embody and knows how to employ them.

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Award Process

The Awards process goes through multiple phases to determine our shortlist, longlist and winners. Each stage of the process is supported by our experienced judges against a set criteria.


The CMI Awards receive entries from a diverse range of organisations and individuals across various sectors and fields. To ensure that our judges are able to reflect this diversity, we carefully select individuals who are experts in their respective fields and have a wealth of experience.

Meet the Judges


Nominations open

12th April 2024

Nominations close

5th July 2024

Shortlist announced

19th August 2024

Winner announced

Autumn 2024