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Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year Award celebrates those who embody CMI’s values and who help us to realise our vision of better led and managed organisations around the world.

Use the nomination guidance and criteria to help build your evidence for the submission. Fill in the form fields when you are ready to submit. If you need to gather more evidence, remember that you can save your progress in your web browser as you go by using the save buttons on the form*.

Deadline for submissions is Friday 5th July 2024.

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    Guidance for answering alignment to CMI's mission and values

    Candidates are encouraged to refer to the CMI Professional Standard, as well as CMI's mission, values and vision.


    Guidance for answering impact

    Impact might include:

    • Increasing awareness of CMI

    • Delivering events or event attendance

    • Increasing the visibility of CMI’s brand

    • Embedding employability and wellbeing into the HE offer

    • Reaching more potential members

    • Increasing the conversion or scale of the ChMC Awards

    If possible, please include any testimonials.

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