Management assessment tool for all skill levels

Management Diagnostic

Assess your management skills, knowledge and experience against the Professional Standard

The hardest part of developing management skills is often figuring out where your gaps are – how can you know what you don't know?

That's what makes our Management Diagnostic tool so incredibly helpful.

How does it work?

Simply answer a few questions about your knowledge and experience, and it'll assess your management skills against the Professional Standard for Management & Leadership.

What's more, your results come with a fully personalised learning plan, packed with resources to help you fill your skill gaps. You'll also receive a certificate of your achievements when you complete each module!

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Your very own personalised 3-step development cycle

1. Measure
Take the Diagnostic to assess your skills and identify gaps
2. Develop
Use your personalised learning plan resources to improve your expertise
3. Repeat
Download your certificate, reassess your skills and see how you've grown!

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