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Are you looking to identify your strengths and skills gaps, develop professionally and take the next step in your career? If the answer is yes, then our Management Diagnostic is for you!

Whether you are starting off in your management career or you are a Senior Manager looking to progress further, our Management diagnostics will help pave the way for you to take the next step in your management journey.

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Get a quick summary of where your professional management skills are, tailored to your career experience.

Your results will include an indication of your strengths and gaps, ahead of using the full Management Diagnostic tool for CMI Members. It will also enable us to signpost some articles relevant to your next steps below.

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Our quick self assessment taster will help you gauge your knowledge and experience against the competencies within the CMI Professional Standards for Management and Leadership. You will need to be a Member to make use of the full diagnostic and the tailored learning.

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