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CMI accredited programmes are a great way to enrich your studies and significantly boost employability. Throughout the duration of your study, you'll have access to a whole host of benefits and resources to support you on your journey to becoming a Better Manager.

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For the duration of your study at any CMI Centre, you'll automatically become an Affiliate Member. This opens access to a whole host of member benefits to help you to progress on your professional journey from networking at our events through to recording your CPD.

Our Online Resource Portal, ManagementDirect, has thousands of resources and content playlists aligned to your learning units. Making it easy to find, learn and complete your study.

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Join Community Networks

CMI’s networks are made up of passionate individuals who come together to advocate for real change in their organisations and industries, across topics including diversity and inclusion and supporting the next generation of managers.

Learn more about CMI’s Community Networks and how you can get involved to make a real impact for a cause you care about.

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Future Leaders

The Future Leaders Network aims to bring together a supportive community of like-minded, ambitious early-career managers, regularly hosting dedicated events and engaging on social media platforms.

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CMI Near You

Our local networks provide you with an extensive calendar of events, catering for aspiring to experienced managers. Find out more about volunteering and networking opportunities, local to you.

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Start your journey and find management and leadership courses near you.

Management Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are changing the face of management and leadership across the nation. Find out how.

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With a full range of qualifications that offer professional progression, no matter what stage of your career, find a CMI qualification for you.

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Hear what others had to say

Since doing my course, I have found my job is easier to perform. The course has given me great insight into management processes and ways of thinking about work issues.

We are always learning and the CMI membership will give me access to the tools, content and inspiration I'll need to continually improve.

CMI has given me the confidence to put myself forward for projects which I would never have done before, broadened my horizons, and ultimately improved my prospects for development opportunities in the future.

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