Policy Paper:

CMI response to the Government’s response to the CRED report

Wednesday 08 June 2022
Chartered Management Institute (CMI) response to the Government's response to the CRED report

On Thursday 17th March 2022, the Government published their response to the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities (CRED) report.

The CRED report was met with widespread criticism, and concluded that “the evidence shows that geography, family influence, socio-economic background, culture and religion have more significant impact on life chances than the existence of racism”. Despite this criticism, the Government in its response noted that they “agree wholeheartedly with the Commission’s wide-ranging conclusions and with the vast majority of the report’s recommendations”.

There are several recommendations in the Government’s response that CMI welcomes. Despite this, the overall outcome is disappointing. CMI acknowledges that this is a constantly evolving agenda, and one we are keen to continue inputting our insights and research into. However, to tackle the disparities and produce inclusive workplaces that maximise talent, there needs to be effective action from both business and Government.

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