Age in the Workplace

2022 marks CMI’s 75th anniversary. To highlight this milestone, we are exploring what best practice looks like in Modern Management. Our focus is on the barriers that remain for including and maximising talent in the workplace, and how - as managers and leaders, we can take steps to overcome them.

One area that we are researching is age in the workplace.

Age Discussion Paper

Age in the Workplace

As everyone faces longer working lives, there is a need to reframe how we think about age in the workforce. Our Advisory Council argued that rather than seeing increases in life expectancy as meaning increases in the length of retirement, how can we increase opportunities for education and training in later life, or support the beginning of a new venture or career? How can we open up and rebalance opportunities across all life stages?

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We take a look at the findings from our research and the steps managers and leaders can take to create truly inclusive workplaces. Read the discussion paper on Age in the workplace.

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The Welcoming Workplace: Building Strong Foundations

Supporting low-skilled employees and new starters to succeed in the workplace. This research focuses on the central role that managers and leaders play in supporting low-skilled workers to succeed and progress in the workplace.

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