CMI Magazine

No Name, No Ads, Just Great Content

As a key benefit of membership, every CMI member receives a quarterly management magazine. For years this was known as Professional Manager, and it won many editorial and publishing awards.

But today we live in the age of personalisation, so we’ve given your magazine a makeover. Every edition from now will be tailored to what’s trending in management and leadership. For this edition it’s Management 4.0; next time round, it’s… well, watch this space.

Thumbnail Cover of the Autumn 2019 issue of the CMI magazine

So what’s inside your magazine with no name…?

  • We’ve assembled our Top Leadership Moments of 2019 [which one gets your vote?]
  • An exclusive glimpse inside Thought Machine, the UK’s hottest fintech scale-up
  • The world’s most disruptive managers
  • Five revolutionary new ways of working (that are actually being practised)
  • And the future of learning – according to four education pioneers

Members can access the digital copy of the magazine for free, but will be prompted to log-in with their membership username and password.

CMI Magazine - Autumn 2019 Issue

Back Issues.

Professional Manager lives on, happily, in the archives where CMI members can view and download individual editions in an accessible PDF format. You’ll need to log-in using your CMI account to access these.