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Welcome to CMI Mentoring

A mentoring programme providing practical support to managers at all levels of their career.

CMI Mentoring is unique in that its focus will be on improving management and leadership skills.

Through CMI Mentoring, more experienced managers and leaders share their skills and experiences to help others further develop their management skills.

Mentoring provides the opportunity for a learning experience for both mentor and mentee and elevates knowledge-sharing to a practical level.

Mentoring System Notice

CMI has recently been reviewing its mentoring scheme.

Following all feedback, we are now temporarily suspending the scheme as from 1 December. We also request that all active participants suspend their current mentoring activities, as we will be introducing a new approach and guidance which will affect all involved.

We look forward to relaunching in the New Year and working with you on our new system.

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We're looking for the best in the business to share their knowledge.

As a Mentor on our programme you can provide a high level of support and guidance which will enhance the effectiveness of the mentee. Whether you are a newly qualified manager or a more experienced one, you still have lots to offer mentees.


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Mentoring can support you in improving your personal and professional skills, performance and help you to grow your network.