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Modern Desk

Digitisation drives process changes and management approach

The digital transformation that every organisation is undergoing coupled with innovation driven by Artificial Intelligence will likely impact the role of the managers.

30 September 2019

How to handle difficult conversations Image

Webinar: How to handle difficult conversations

This webinar will provide insight into the psychology of dealing with difficult conversations with tips on how to handle them effectively and with minimal stress.

02 October 2019


The Confident Leader: Building Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is one of those things that can help in every aspect of your life, and can be gained or strengthened using NLP.

02 October 2019

Management 4.0

Annual Midlands Conference 2019: Management 4.0

This year’s conference will explore the future impact of six key themes, through the expert insights of keynote speakers and engaging workshops.

04 October 2019


Consultative Selling and How To Do It - Consultancy SG

Consultative selling is an approach that focuses on building trust and the relationship with the client first, before proposing or promoting a particular solution.

08 October 2019

Linked hands

London Peer Learning Group - "Collaboration at work"

The London Peer Learning Group is a friendly place where anyone working or studying in Central London in management and leadership is welcome to join. Our events focus on peer-to-peer discussion of a topic chosen in advance.

09 October 2019

pathway/ personal development

Personal and Professional Development Mini Conference

The purpose of this mini conference is to assist early to mid career members (and others)in their personal development relating to their work and to help them to consider a variety of elements and options to progress.

14 October 2019

Thumbnail 1417539445

Growing Gloucestershire 2019

The 2019 conference focusses on the themes of Sustainability, Connectivity and Technology.

15 October 2019

Man Up

Achieve your goals through improved social media communication

This workshop is aimed at those seeking to develop their personal or business profiles and outcomes by a more effective use of their chosen social media platforms.

16 October 2019

London Peer Student

Student London Peer Learning and Networking Group

The new Student London Peer Learning and Networking Group is a friendly place where any student studying in London/South East Region and interested in management and leadership is welcome to join.

17 October 2019