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Our digital events align with the key themes from our Better Managers Manual of flexibility, crisis management, mental health and wellbeing, the new employment landscape and the new good governance. Take a look using the links below.

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2020 has seen a necessary yet unprecedented shift away from the traditional physical workplace. But what does this mean and how can flexible working work for you and your business?


Crisis Management

In these unprecedented times, crisis management offers a real opportunity for your management and leadership skills to shine. Find out how to put those skills to the test.


Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing is something that each of us faces daily, whether personally or in supporting your teams. Managers must quickly learn - and be trained in - empathy and emotional intelligence ensuring that they are getting the support they need to build their own resilience.


The New Employment Landscape

As we enter a new era, we are going to be faced with new challenges as our working and professional circumstances are altered.


The New Good Governance

Leaders and organisations will be judged on their ability to navigate challenging circumstances in a responsible way.

Support and guidance through Coronavirus

For up-to-date tools, tips and templates to help you to manage your team through the Coronavirus crisis, take a look at our Covid-19 Hub.

Visit our Covid-19 Hub