Future Forecast 2015

CMI’s annual Future Forecast report offers insights on managers’ expectations and priorities for the year ahead as 2015 approaches. 

Conducted each year, the research asks managers to reflect on their experiences of the past year as well as the management challenges and expectations for the year ahead.

Amongst the findings the report explains:

  • What the differences are between what managers want and what Westminster is prioritising
  • Which skills managers need to thrive in 2015
  • What personal resolutions managers are making for the New Year to ensure organisational success.


As a summary, we have provided a handy infographic of the highlights and the comparisons from previous years.

Future Forecast

Future Forecast

Christmas Infographic
Press and Media Enquiries

Press & Media Enquiries

For more information or to request interviews, contact CMI's Press Team on 020 7421 2705 or email press.office@managers.org.uk

Management in 2015

What does it hold?

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Policy changes in 2015

What would you like to see?

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