Change Management

The ability to manage change effectively is a key skill for managers in a society where rapid change has become the norm and new technologies are continually being introduced.

However, research shows that many, if not most, change efforts fail to achieve their objectives, at least to some extent. Paying close attention to the process of implementation will pay dividends in terms of your ability to achieve objectives and achieve and sustain organisational success.

Managing change involves accomplishing a transition from position A to position B and handling any problems which come up during the process. The process of change within organisations usually results from interactions between four major elements: equipment (technology); processes (working procedures); organisation structure; and people. Change to any one of these will inevitably lead to changes to the others, as organisations are complex inter-related systems.

The checklist below aims to provide some generic guidance for those implementing change in their organisations. It assumes that a sound business case for change has been made, and that the scope of the change and its objectives have already been clearly defined and carefully thought through.

Change Management Process Checklist

1. Agree the implementation strategy
2. Agree timeframes
3. Draw up detailed implementation plans
4. Set up a team of change champions
5. Establish good programme management practices
6. Communicate clearly
7. Ensure participation and help to minimise stress
8. Personalise the case for change
9. Be prepared for conflict and manage it effectively
10. Motivate your employees
11. Develop skills
12. Maintain momentum
13. Monitor and evaluate

To learn more about change management and detailed description of the action checklist, view the guide below:

Download the guide  pdf-icon Implementing an Effective Change Programme

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