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Growth of millennial leaders

How to grow your millennial leaders

What incentives do millennial managers respond to most? What do they hate? What will persuade them to stick with you for the long term? A CMI Companions roundtable, held with The Supper Club, unearthed answers

21 March 2018

Data productivity

5 ways to use data to improve productivity

These are the questions you can answer with data to boost the way you work

20 March 2018

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Sector-specific experience

Is sector-specific experience overrated?

Two experts debate whether leaders need industry-specific experience

19 March 2018

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Conflict at work

The five-minute management idea: disagreements as a route to new ideas

A weekly shot of new thinking for business leaders: clashes with colleagues can boost creativity, recent research suggest

16 March 2018

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Change management questions

The change management questions that you need to know - and what it tells us about how to lead

One of the biggest challenges when implementing change is bringing people along with your vision for what could be. But it could be simpler than you think

15 March 2018

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Frustrated employee

Incompetent bosses: your dilemmas answered

Lesley Cowley OBE and Haleema Baker-Mir advise middle managers on how to tackle issues with their superiors

14 March 2018

CMI Awards

Dames win top CMI Honours: Nestlé Boss and tech innovator awarded management and leadership accolades

Food industry leader Dame Fiona Kendrick won the CMI President's Gold Medal, while IT pioneer Dame Stephanie Shirley received a lifetime achievement award

13 March 2018

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