Accredited courses

CMI qualifications benchmark the practical application of your skills within the forces against civilian management requirements.

Please note the following:

  • Our qualifications are developed in partnership with the Armed Forces
  • You can apply for a CMI qualification for the majority of the accredited service courses completed since 2010
  • You will have 12 months free membership when you take a CMI qualification, benefiting from all member services
  • Granting of the qualification will also result in the automatic offer of an appropriate grade of CMI membership (a membership fee is payable). For more details of membership benefits and how to get recognition of your managerial achievements please download the Armed Forces Guaranteed Membership Scheme Factsheet 

You can progress to Chartered Manager

Upon completion, you can work towards Chartered Manager; the highest accolade in the managerial profession and a status only awarded by CMI. 

Chartered Manager is suitable for personnel holding positions that enable them to demonstrate 'impact' and adding value. Eligibility for Chartered Manager is not rank dependent; however, it tends to have greater relevance to appointments that involve elements of strategic management.

Chartered Manager endorses management excellence within the Armed Forces:

  • Skills associated with leading people and managing change complement and reflect the quality of leadership and constant drive for change in the Armed Forces
  • Chartered Manager provides an opportunity to assess outcomes of career development training and apply the knowledge gained.
  • It provides a set of benchmarks, which are recognised across a range of civilian sectors
  • Completion can complement career and succession planning as well as individual resettlement benefit.

To get started on the path to gaining your CMI qualification, identify your in-service course using the links below: