21st Century Leaders.

Building employability through higher education.

Supporting student employability is an urgent challenge for universities – and has national significance.

Management and leadership under-performance is a major factor in the productivity gap between the UK and its international competitors. Addressing that is vital if the country is to succeed in global markets and thrive in a post-Brexit world.

The 21st Century Leaders report explores what employers see as strengths in those emerging from university and where more might be done to ready students to become managers and leaders.

Key findings from the report include:

  • The majority of employers (70%) believe management, enterprise and leadership modules should be integrated into all degree subjects to boost employability
  • 66% of employers want to see graduates achieve professional qualifications as well as their main degree
  • 75% of students look for a combined professional body accreditation when selecting their degree

Download the full report for exclusive case studies on the innovations across higher education to develop the practical skills and behaviours needed by employers.

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How best to prepare young people for work, and how we can develop more highly-skilled managers and leaders, are fundamentally linked. They are both questions of national importance
- Ian Myson, Director of Higher Education Partnerships Download the infographic